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The first 800 places at the Péter Magyar event were filled in 10 minutes

The first 800 places at the Péter Magyar event were filled in 10 minutes

Peter Magyar reveals how many millions Gabor Pogár supported for Tisza – and he didn't receive most of the money

According to Tesa's vice president, the businessman is not one of their biggest supporters. Gabor Bugar said the politician contacted him in April.

In mid-March, the Szeretem Magyarország Klub, of which Gábor Bogár is also a member, invited Péter Magyar to be a guest at one of its events. The businessman is For RTL news He said: Then Peter Magyar approached him and asked him for help. According to Bogar, the amount he used to help the young politician get started was not large.

“I've said this over half a million times. It's a few million, so it's not hundreds of millions by any means. Far from it, not even tens of millions.”

“Not even a few tens of millions,” the businessman told the Hirado newspaper, answering an ambitious reporter’s question.

Gábor Pogár said he gave the money to Péter Magyar because, although his conservative values ​​and worldview are not close to his liberal ones, he sees in him an opportunity to really weaken Orbán’s regime, which he believes is tragic. According to Pogár, Péter Magyar was not happy about his name being made public.

“I heard that he wasn’t happy that I made a public commitment, even though I told him I was going to make a public commitment. At the time when I said it in my name and not my company’s name, I wouldn’t buy him a camera or a theater, I would turn it into cash, which I could allocate to support him and do in my name.”

According to Peter Magyar, it has never been a secret how the party's expenses are financed. A supporter card program has also been launched recently. But many people support them not with this, but with individual contributions.

“According to my memories, Gábor Bogár supported the party with 5-6 million HUF, and I think the party already existed at that time. He was not the biggest supporter: there were, and still are, many entrepreneurs who support us. As I mentioned, 15,000 people have already redeemed the regime change card and we have at least 20, even 25,000 citizens who have already given us some kind of support.

According to Peter Magyar, he and the leaders of the Tisza party are aware that the 30 percent support obtained in the EU and local government elections comes with great responsibility.

“We want to show our voters and supporters how we want to live with this responsibility. On the one hand, this applies to building the party, creating programmes and preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections, which is why we have invited our supporters, sympathisers and members together so that we can talk about this together on Saturday.”

They will also discuss at Saturday's event the financial resources needed to successfully participate in the 2026 parliamentary elections. Peter Magyar estimates that this will be a multi-billion dollar item. They want to raise money not from foreign backers, but from community funding. Their expenses will also be published on the party's website.

You can watch the full RTL report here:

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