The final season of Stranger Things is over, and Netflix has died according to its order and method

The final season of Stranger Things is over, and Netflix has died according to its order and method

Only for a short while, however, this also shows how much interest there is in the season finale of the song series.

Netflix passed away on Friday morning, naturally due to the streaming service’s continuing streak of success, he wrote diverse.

what happened?

The last two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things debuted. For example, downtimes of websites and services can be monitored using Downdetector, where you can see that the number of complaints received has increased dramatically when new parts are launched, so the service has decreased for many as a result of the great interest.

According to Hungarian time, the intensity of the episodes intensified at 9, after which the number of lower detector reports jumped to more than 15,000 worldwide.

Netflix outage reported on Downdetector. Source and form: Downdetector.

There seem to have been complaints from here as well, of course to a lesser extent than, say, in the US (the number of problem reports peaked at over 9,000 at one time), and not many people know about the error reporting gateway in the first place.

The same issue can be read from social media posts, more user your post Also thousands of likes about network problems.

The situation was reportedly corrected within half an hour, so Hawkins is now waiting for fans with open arms.

Watch recording, marathon length

  • The increased interest was expected, given that the first phase of the fourth season of Stranger Things, presented a few weeks ago, also brought a record for the service provider, in terms of its own English-language productions: users streamed 930,320,000 hours of it in the first four weeks .
  • An interesting point about episodes eight and nine of season four is that the first is 85 minutes long, while the last episode is almost a marathon, 150 minutes long.
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