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The film about the life of Ágnes Keleti won a special award in Seoul AIPS-

The film about the life of Ágnes Keleti won a special award in Seoul AIPS-

In recent days, the 85th Congress of the International Association of Sports Journalists (AIPS) was held in Seoul, where the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association was represented by President Gyorgy Zulusi, Vice President Zuzsa Kszeto and Board Member Janos S. Toth. The delegation was also joined by the tennis expert based in Japan, Andras Rosanoff.

Giorgi Szulosi, Head of FIFA’s Press Service, presented the trophy for Best Journalism Center to Jochen Steinhoff, while Zsuzsa Szyszto, Vice President of the Sports Department of the Chinese news agency Xinhua, presented the Trophy for Best Journalism Centre. To IOC Press Committee member Mr Csou Jie (Photo: AIPS) – the photo gallery is here!

At the event, several awards were handed out, including the Press Center of the Year honor, which was once again presented by the representatives of the Hungarian Assembly, building on a decades-old tradition. In 2022, two winners were announced based on members’ votes. Among the global competitions in sports, the Qatar World Cup press service, among the “multi-sports” events, the Beijing Winter Olympics Media Center won. Giorgi Zulusi, Vice President of AIPS Europe, presented the award for Best Press Center to Jochen Steinhoff, Head of the FIFA Press Service, while Zsuzsa Sezeto, Vice President of the Sports Department of the Chinese news agency Xinhua, presented the trophy for Best Press Center to a member of the IOC Press Committee, Mr Csou Jie.

In recent years, AIPS has given – within the framework of its Media Award – special recognition to applications whose content is in line with the stated core values ​​of the organization. Among these values ​​is the exploration and presentation of the original history of the sport, on the basis of which the film Kata Oláh Conquering time, which is about the life of Ágnes Keleti, which has already entered the top ten in its category, is ranked eighth. At the ceremony related to the conference, the main award for best photojournalist was presented by British John Walton (PA Media), as well as awards for second and third place by Zsuzsa Csiztu, Vice President of AIPS.

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The event in Seoul was attended for the first time by Catalin Teblin, editor-in-chief of the traditional Romanian sports newspaper Gazeta Sportorilor, the new president of the Romanian Sports Journalists Association, invited by Giorgi Zulusi to the Congress of Sports Journalists in Pec at the end of May and the Gala of the Sports of the Year next January. The Hungarian delegation participating in the conference met with the ambassador of our country in Seoul, Istvan Zerdahli, the editor-in-chief of Nemzetti Sport, Giorgi Zulusi, and the head of the UEFA press service, Thomas Giordano, and they also discussed improving the work. Conditions of journalists and photographers in football matches.

According to our colleagues who visited South Korea, the Budapest football final in May and the Athletics World Cup in August are already a topic of conversation for sports journalists around the world. Seizing the opportunity, Nemzeti Sport Editor-in-Chief János S. Tóth visited Odam Martin, who plays for the Ulszan Hyundai team, and the exclusive interview with the selected footballer can be read in the newspaper columns shortly.

Our newspaper editor-in-chief, Janos S. Toth, with Hungarian national team Odam Martin (Photo: Ulszan Hyundai FC)

The 85th Association of International Sports Journalists (AIPS) Media Awards.

John Walton (UK, PA Media)
Oliver Scarfe (UK, AFP)
Portrait movie
Nicholas Mahatsik, Nicholas Strica (Austria, ServusTV)
Louis Miles (UK, FIFA+)
short film
Mazyar Kobidar (Iran, YouTube)
colored substance
Bernt Jacob Oxnes (Norway, Dagbladet)
Written press
Alaa Abdel Ghani (Egypt, Aram)

sound material
James Graham, Jessica Halloran, Jasper Lake, Claire Harvey, Leah Tsamoglu (Australia, The Australian)
Young Correspondents, Radio and Television
Enrique Arcoverde (Brazil)
Young Journalists, Print Media
Farai Sean Matyashi (Zimbabwe)
Young journalists, photo class
Will Palmer (UK)
Investigative report
Attila Türkiye
Special award
Kata Ulah (Hungary)
You can find a list of all award winners here!

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