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The fifth McDonald’s restaurant opened in Debrecen

The fifth McDonald’s restaurant opened in Debrecen

On July 19, the fifth McDonald’s restaurant opened in Debrecen at the corner of Mikepércsi and Monostorpályi út. According to the concept of “experiencing the future”, digital innovation and development will play a prominent role in the unit of the new car, while personality will also remain an important component of the service. The modern restaurant will employ approximately 70 employees. There are 90 seats in the accessible guest area and another 30 in the balcony.

McDonald’s Hungary began implementing its growth strategy in 2019, the pillar of which is the opening of new restaurants and the transformation of existing ones according to the concept of “Experience the Future”. With the new type of restaurant, the restaurant chain is updating the Mekizés experience with innovative kitchen and service processes, as well as services supported by interactive digital technology. Guests can order, pay, receive and consume products in the way that best suits their needs and ideas.

– While creating our strategy, it was important to be able to be close to our guests, to have them visit any part of the country and find McDonald’s as close as possible. As part of this, we’ve popped up in several new cities, but we’re also constantly monitoring feedback in settlements where we’re already present, and if customer service requires it, we may decide to open another restaurant, like here in Debrecen – said Zsolt Égi, managing director of Progress Étteremhárosal Kft. , which operates local McDonald’s restaurants.

One of the most striking elements of digitization is the touch-screen order controller, the so-called kiosk, already known among Debrecen residents, but the personality will not disappear either, since it will still be possible to order at traditional cash registers. In order to enhance the personality, visitors are greeted by guest experience managers, and “table service”, that is, the order at the table, also serves the convenience of the guests.

A café has also been created in the restaurant, featuring the restaurant network’s entire line of cakes, as well as a selection of coffees, which are available with lactose-free milk, almond milk, or even in a caffeine-free version.

Hungarian McDonald’s has asked Gabriella Cserháti Franchise Partner, who already occupies 4 other units in Debrecen, to operate the restaurant.

– I am very proud to be able to open my fifth McDonald’s in my hometown. I take great pleasure in creating this restaurant that meets the challenges of modern times, and I really thank everyone who contributed to the fact that we could appear in a part of town where we had never had a restaurant before. I’m sure our guests will love the new unit too, and we look forward to welcoming them! Gabriella Cserhati added it.

Sustainability was also a priority when designing the restaurant. In keeping with the characteristics of the building, the designers sought natural lighting, and in addition, they installed LED lights everywhere. Heat pump cooling and heating, as well as the solution to use the thermal energy of the restaurant’s refrigerator and freezer room calorie systems to heat domestic hot water, as well as energy saving.

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