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The Fidesz government is playing a dangerous game in the European Union: Niugati Fini

The Fidesz government is playing a dangerous game in the European Union: Niugati Fini

The owner of the forged card was revealed in this case (also).

Istvan Ojeli He posted an open letter on his Facebook page on Sunday in which he wrote Viktor Orbán His government is playing a double game regarding Ukraine's accession to the European Union.

The founder of Esély Közöszéd drew attention to the fact that the Fidesz party is currently inciting Hungarian public opinion against Ukraine and the accession of Ukrainians to the European Union. As the politician pointed out: The Hungarian government has neither the right nor the reason for this.

In his letter, Ojeleye also touched on the fact that Viktor Orban had previously supported Ukraine's accession to the European Union: the last written program of the Fidesz party, which remains in force to this day, and through which he asked for voters' confidence in the European Parliament elections. In 2009, it specifically states that Fidesz defends Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration, saying:

“One of the conditions for Ukraine's successful political, social and economic transformation is to open up the possibility of joining the European Union and NATO, taking into account the commitment of the Ukrainian government; this would constitute a tremendous stabilizing force for our northeastern neighbour.”.

Istvány Ujhelyi's open letter is reproduced below without changes:

Recently, a guy named Viktor Orbán was simply walking out of the conference room at an EU summit when the EU heads of state and government decided to start accession negotiations with Ukraine. Thus, although Orbán originally threatened to use his veto, EU leaders ultimately unanimously supported starting the process in his stead and without him.

The Fidesz government and its propaganda machine have been harassing Hungarian public opinion with all their might and usual distortion of reality for a long time: now they are against the accession of Ukraine and Ukrainians to the European Union. They do all this in a false way, because the negotiation process with the EU will last for many years, and Ukraine may become a member of the EU only if it meets all the necessary criteria for the rule of law, which the Hungarian government also knows about. .

It is an important fact and at the same time my consistent position is that Ukraine in its current state and situation is not suitable to become a member of the European Union immediately. At the same time, it is also a fact and my firm position that if he is able and willing to fulfill all the conditions, then

We have no right or reason to take away this opportunity from them.

Especially for the Hungarians in Transcarpathia – who are clearly the victims of Orban's current seditious policy.

How can Transcarpathian Fidesz politicians look in the mirror? Especially after the recent Ukrainian Hungarians (among the signatories were the President of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Ukraine, or the Mayor of Beregszász)

They asked the Fidesz Prime Minister in a letter: not to obstruct EU operations.

Viktor Orban said: “Hungary’s position is clear: Ukraine is not ready for us to start negotiations on European Union membership with it. “It is a foolish, irrational and absolutely incorrect decision to start negotiations with Ukraine under these circumstances, and Hungary will not change its position.”

In addition, this is a direct and induced slide – the start of negotiations does not mean automatic acceptance (Orban's good friend Erdogan and Turkey have been “negotiating” with the EU for almost twenty years), moreover, it is clear that e.g. The position that was previously represented by Fidesz, or what is now represented by Oliver Varhelyi, the EU Commissioner delegated by Fidesz and responsible for enlargement policy.

Fidesz's last written programme, which remains valid to this day, in which it asked for voters' confidence in the 2009 European Parliament elections,

Specifically, it contains that Fidesz calls for the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine,


“One of the conditions for a successful political, social and economic transformation in Ukraine is to open the possibility of joining the European Union, and taking into account the commitment of the Ukrainian government and NATO;

This would constitute a tremendous stabilizing force for our northeastern neighbour.”

But there is no need to go that far: on 23 June 2022, at the European Council meeting, the Heads of State and Government jointly adopted conclusions in which they defended Ukraine and unanimously granted it candidate status.

In other words, Viktor Orbán also agrees with this. Why doesn't he do that?!

The flavor of the situation, or if you like its complete absurdity, is that Oliver Varhelyi, who is delegated by the Fidesz party, i.e. close to Viktor Orbán, is in charge of the enlargement policy in the European Commission. In June this year, while presenting the interim report on this topic, the Hungarian Commissioner said: “Ukraine and Moldova are making good progress on the path towards EU membership.”

He stressed that Ukraine has achieved good results in the fight against corruption.

Varhelyi said Ukraine had made “good progress” on two of the seven conditions: in the field of justice and media reform. There is still more to do in fighting corruption, combating “oligarchy”, money laundering, and protecting national minorities in education and public life.

Moreover, the European Commission also adopted the enlargement package at the beginning of November, under which a proposal was made, among other things, to start accession negotiations with Ukraine. (The report on Ukraine is more than 150 pages long; Viktor Orban clearly did not read it before he left the conference room.)

The European Commission – including Oliver Varhelyi, who has the mandate of Commissioner responsible for the topic – proposed to the Council that in light of the results achieved by Ukraine and Moldova and the ongoing reforms

Starting accession negotiations with the two countries.

In other words, the Hungarian EU Commissioner delegated to Brussels by the Orbán government and currently responsible for enlargement policy has taken a position opposite to that of the government that delegated him. When introducing the expansion pack, Oliver Varheli said:

“Enlargement is a geopolitical project for Europe. To keep pace with the new geopolitical momentum,

We need to accelerate the expansion process,

Which continues to be guided by credible reforms targeting core issues. In recent months, we have seen Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, achieve important results, clearly showing that commitment and determination are paying off.

The essence of the whole Hungarian absurdity is this: according to Viktor Orbán, the European Commission’s proposal, which proposed to start accession negotiations with Ukraine, was “unprepared and false.” This proposal had been prepared by the man who himself delegated it to the committee.

You have to decide who has a fake card in this case (too).

After the 2014 speech by Hungarian Prime Minister Tosfanius declaring an illiberal watershed state, I pledged as a representative of Europe to warn the public of the sins of the existing order in an open letter every week.

For the four hundred and fortieth time I ring the bells and I do so tirelessly,

As long as there is a need for it. Because the common state must be given a new chance.”

(Istvan Ojeli/Facebook)

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