The FIA ​​allows the DRS to enter the last corner of the entire Dutch Grand Prix

It is believed that F1 cars will be able to use the DRS during the entire weekend of the Dutch Grand Prix in the last 14th corner of Zandvoort, whose layout has been determined, according to the press.

The FIA ​​has confirmed that at this year’s Dutch Grand Prix their cars will be able to use the DRS in turn 14 leading up to the main event. It was revealed at the start of the week that the FIA ​​would be testing the use of the DRS in the first free practice session of the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, the last designated corner. However, after the FIA ​​published the official map of the Zandvoort track, where the DRS activation point can be found just before turn 14 – also known as Arie Luyendyk Bocht – it looks like the FIA ​​will keep this. Ranking for the rest of the season.

Safety issues hindered the use of the DRS in 2021
In 2021, the race director at the time, Michael Massey, did not consider it safe to use the help desk at Turn 14 due to his ascent. For this reason, last year’s DRS check mark was set several hundred meters away, right from the start.
According to Nicolas Tombazis, FIA technical director in charge of individual races, bringing the DRS back to 14 would help the tighter competitor, as the first round is the primary starting point at Zandvoort.
The current situation is to put the DRS in the last corner, maybe before that to improve the race a bit in Zandvoort – Explanation of Viaplay.

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But we open our minds and ask teams for their feedback. We’ve received feedback from you during the simulations, but after the first free practice, we’ll also ask players what their experiences are. If we feel that there is any, even a slight, impact on safety, we should take steps and change them after the first free practice.

– Tombazis added.


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