The FBI was looking for Putin oligarchs

The FBI was looking for Putin oligarchs

Oleg Deripaska also previously worked with former campaign chairman Donald Trump. He accepted loyalty first to Boris Yeltsin and then to Vladimir Putin.

People in the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) searched him on Tuesday Oleg Deripashka His villa is in Washington and his property is in New York. An FBI spokesperson sold that they were following a court order. A spokesman for Oleg Deripaska told reporters that the home searches may be linked to US sanctions against the oligarch, but the real estate searched was in fact linked to the aluminum pole.

The United States was subject to sanctions in 2018 Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian President. Under the sanctions, MTI wrote, Deripaska will not be allowed to do business or own real estate in the United States. Earlier, the US Treasury reported money laundering, racketeering, intimidation of its business rivals, and the unlawful interrogation of a government official against the oligarchy. Deripaska sued in March 2019 to lift the penalties, resulting in billions in losses, but his request was denied.

Deripaska was in a business relationship Donald Trump With his former campaign chief, according to court records Paul Manafort He allegedly provided him with classified information and survey data regarding the 2016 US election campaign.

Manafort was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for conspiracy against the United States, perjury, attempts to obstruct justice for financial fraud and Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign, but Trump received a presidential pardon last December.

As we wrote earlier, Deripaszka spawned legends about his rise, and how he became a millionaire as a half-orphan, former laundromat. The character in wild eastern capitalism has long been associated with politicians in power, having built an excellent relationship with the Yeltsin clan as the brother-in-law of one of the late president’s brothers. Earlier, Deripaska also made clear his critics of his commercial success, who did not shy away from the most ruthless methods and alleged mafia connections to acquire the companies of his choice.

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