The fate of Anthem Next may be decided soon

The fate of Anthem Next may be decided soon


During the week, they can decide at Electronic Arts whether to support a revamp of the game.

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For RPG / Action-RPG fans, it’s always been synonymous with quality Bio-ware The name of the development team, but in recent years the company’s reputation has tarnished greatly. Most of this is their latest creation, 2017 Cluster effect: AndromedaAnd 2019 National anthem That received very mixed critical – but most negative – echoes.

After its release, BioWare started thinking about a major redesign for the game last summer. blogjukon He also posted a list of planned changes, but then in December, executive producer Christian Dailey left the Anthem team, bringing the fate of the project into question.

a Bloomberg By meaning Electronic Arts This week he will decide whether this endeavor makes sense.

According to the news, these days policymakers are looking into how it might have emerged Next hymn Based on this, they decide whether to blow up the project or increase the size of the team they are currently working on, which is around 30 people. According to the unnamed Bloomberg journalist, development projections will require at least three times more people to redesign the game and produce new content.

As the author of the article notes, Anthem will not be the only one in the field of video games with such a major revamp, just think of the games that have evolved over the years. No Mans SkyIn or prof Final Fantasy XIV-Return. ■

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