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The farmer will marry: The farmer Jerjo chose Kira, and the farmer chose Kevin Zussi

The farmer will marry: The farmer Jerjo chose Kira, and the farmer chose Kevin Zussi

Many of their candidates were sent home.

It ends this week The farmer will marryEvents also accelerated: in the Tuesday part Gergő is the owner And Kevin gasped They also chose the one girl they would take on their dream date.

Farmer Gergo W Kira They spent the night together for the first time and the next morning discussionThey both had a great time. The guy has already told the girl that he has chosen her, and that he will take her on his dream date to Sardinia. However, this is the first time With Sandy Anyone left alone on the farmer’s farm had to be reported. Although they only told the girl in flowery language about what had happened between them that night, it certainly turned out that it was the farmer who had chosen Kira. Szande was disappointed when he heard the decision, later saying:

I think women should have a contract! It was a very short time to get to know Gergő, and you don’t get to know him overnight. I wouldn’t give up easily, and anyway I don’t think this is the right time.

from right to left – Farmer Jergo and his chosen one, Kira

Kevin Gazda is He invited him together Candidates to talk about the events of the past few days, but from the beginning there was doubt as to what he was trying to do, because To Zsuzsy He called Luca. At first, he was curious to know everyone’s opinion, then he explained and justified his final decision.

Every date was perfect, but there was one that was a little better, with Zsuzsi. At dinner by the lake, while dancing, a kiss was clicked, and this started a process in me symbolizing that I want to get to know you more closely, Zsuzsy, and I want to spend more time with you

The farmer announced.

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After the other candidates left, farmer Kevin Zuzzi asked if she wanted to stay, and she said yes, later revealing:

He has fallen in love and feels like he has found his twin flame.

They travel to Valencia, Spain for their dream date.

For farmer Joseph He had no such success, because with one statement he drove away his two potential wives, so it was he who was actually sent home Bubba He wants to lure her so he can take her on her dream date. What will Bob answer in the end and who will it be? Landlady Anna Who is chosen will be revealed on Wednesday’s episode of the show.

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