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The fans are coming, and the second round of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup begins

The fans are coming, and the second round of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup begins

Author: Tamas Gobodikis
September 1, 2023 07:00:00

The second round begins, when the teams that have already advanced face each other in groups: everyone brings their previous results (either 3-0 or 2-1) with them, and they play two more matches in this round, which are credited accordingly, and who qualifies accordingly. to the quarter-finals.

In every match today, a 3-0 team meets a 2-1 team, the group leaders haven’t met yet, and it’s only Sunday, so the question this time is which 2-1 team can win and thus create a realistic chance of promotion itself – because if All 3-0 teams became 4-0 and all 2-1 teams became 2-2, Sunday’s round is ‘never mind’, we’ll have the team that goes through.

The Italians haven’t played well so far, moreover, the Serbs looked the sharpest in their last game, and the Germans have also been excellent so far, so the Georgians are not in an easy position either. Montenegro played two good games, then lost to Lithuania terribly, and against the USA, of course, they are not considered a competitor, the Latvians started well, but they could not cope with Canada either, and it is doubtful whether they would do it or not. There would be an answer to the Spaniards without the Albertans.

With a good pairing of Mills-Gede, Australia can surprise Slovenia, attacking with the outstanding Luka Doncic, it could be a really good match, we can expect a slow game and tactical struggle from the Greek Lithuania derby, but the Hellenes have no chance, but it will be an achievement Dangerous for the Brazilians if they can catch up with the Canadians who have come up so far and are probably the best in the tournament.

Today’s schedule:

10:00 Serbia (3-0) – Italy (2-1) (Group A) (M4 Sports)
10:30 Germany (3-0) vs Georgia (2-1) (Group K)
10:40 USA (3-0) – Montenegro (2-1) (Group X)
11:45 Spain (3-0) vs Latvia (2-1) (Group L)
14:00 Dominican Republic (3-0) vs Puerto Rico (2-1) (Group A)
14:10 Slovenia (3-0) – Australia (2-1) (Group X)
14:40 Lithuania (3-0) – Greece (2-1) (Group J)
15:30 Canada (3-0) vs Brazil (2-1) (Group L)

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