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The famous theologian Gabor Krausz, who uttered the roaring nonsense of Fidesz, taught wonderfully – Niugati Fini

The famous theologian Gabor Krausz, who uttered the roaring nonsense of Fidesz, taught wonderfully – Niugati Fini

The Chef Who Plowed Vienna received a comprehensive briefing from Rita Berinfalvi.

He made his confession in an interview with Mandiner on Wednesday Viktor Orbán Along with his former cabinet, Gabe Toth, Gabor Krausz. In the interview, the chef talked about immigration, praised the family policy of the Orbán government, followed in the footsteps of János Lazar, dressed as a clown and cursed Vienna: by his own admission, he did not even dare to walk in it. In downtown Vienna anymore, conditions are very tragic.

He responded to Gabor Krausz's interview on his page on the social networking site Rita of Perinfalviwho lived in Vienna for 15 years, was able to conclusively refute the chef's blunders.

We quote the theologian's post without change:

Rita Berentfalvi (left) and Gabor Krausz (right) / Editing: Niugati Fini

❌ There is no more gabika, you have to get the yoke directly!😂

🤞 How interesting that chef Gabor Kraus didn't witness this amazing ass licking until the great lady of Hungary, namely Gabica Toth, who has evolved from a filthy idol into a sassy Matteo Madonna, was at his side. It seems that Kraus was too smart to make statements unworthy of the NER's propaganda rants until the model wife who adorned his side and shouted her Christian virtues loudly to the world did so for him. But what do I hear now? Let's not mention his name, he doesn't deserve it, Gabor Krausz told a state newspaper. “I've just been in Vienna and, as I see it, the situation is very difficult.” He also revealed that he did not dare to walk in the center of the Austrian capital because the situation was so tragic. And we still remember, don't we, when János Lazar reported similar tragic circumstances during his trip to Vienna in 2018.

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👉 Well, the only problem with this, dear Gabor, is that in 2023 Vienna has once again been voted “the most livable city in the world”! And this is not the first time! The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 172 countries, and the Austrian capital topped the list mainly because of its countless cultural and entertainment opportunities, excellent infrastructure and good public safety. So what are you talking about now, really?

🚋I have lived in Vienna for almost 15 years and the quality of life there cannot be compared to any Hungarian city. I'll never forget when I was coming home (alone) at night at Christmas time and the decorated Christmas tree balls in shops and banks were only an arm's length away, I could have taken any of them off and taken them home. And not just me, but any passerby. I immediately thought, how safe are those expensive glass balls in this country? And in 15 years, it has never occurred to me to be afraid to go home alone in the evening or at night. I never do this in Budapest, and only dare to travel by taxi at night. Not to mention the fact that it was introduced many years ago that the subway runs from 0 to 24 hours all weekend! Yes, even at night. When will it be like this at home?

🍹Not to mention the great offer that Vienna has to offer in terms of cultural life, entertainment and even gastronomy. Gabor, don't you know about the last one? Don't disappoint us! For example, the Michelin Guide catalog offers 56 great restaurants, while Budapest – although we love it too – only 29!

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🫶There are thousands of reasons why people love living in Vienna! It might be worth taking a stroll through the city center to get a feel for what the Eternal Imperial City has to offer, and what true Western prosperity radiates from every street in downtown Vienna.

❓Or without Gabica, you won't automatically become a NER horse and they expect you to produce something yourself? Well, it's a shame to go into this!


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