The fairytale tram is calling in Debrecen mortar

The fairytale tram is calling in Debrecen mortar

Invisible elves occupy every Sunday tram.

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Debrecen residents will be waiting for a special tram on the afternoon of June 13 in line 1: While traveling, children (and adults) can hear tales about the sights along the way – revealed at the press conference of DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt.. and the Plukkido team on Tuesday. And in cooperation between the two, the country’s first “ÚtraManó” tram was born.

Laszlo’s photo door: Annamari’s kiss

– After the very successful chirping tram, we can soon get acquainted with a new mode of transport, the narrative tram is coming to Debrecen. An important goal in a dynamically growing city where transportation is an increasing challenge is to motivate people on public transportation. Since it cannot be started early enough, I am confident that children will accept the experience that trams provide for storytelling and, thanks to this, will be able to enable parents to reach their destination not by car, Mayor Laszlo Pape said, “but by tram.” “. – The significance of the program is also that the scenes along Line 1 are embedded in fairy tales, which passengers can learn about. I hope that the June 13 event will be only the first stage of cooperation, and then, for example, during the Carnival week, there will be similar experiences.

Photo: Annamari Kiss

It can be modeled to show that the path that children take every day is magical. If they experience what’s worth looking for, they’ll be more inclined to go for it next time. I am confident that they will have an experience they will remember later when traveling on Line 1, and the sights they see will always be interesting to them – said Judith Tankix, Managing Director of Plukkido Kft. It is believed that the information in the tales is also new to adults, because they want to entertain them too. – The ÚtraManó app will be available later elsewhere in Debrecen; We’ve put magical corridors in the Great Forest, where children have to perform mysterious tasks, during which they can meet the elves who take the tram with them on Sunday, he said.

Judit Tanksix Photo: Annamari’s Kiss

DKV CEO Attila Nagy reminded that the tram is used by a lot of people and that the ÚtraManó initiative fits in with DKV and the city’s intent to educate about community and green transportation.
According to Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs, creative ideas will find a home in Debrecen, especially if they can be put at the service of the vision of a sustainable city, and that too is the implementation of such an idea.

The ÚtraManó tram departs from the main station on June 13 at 3, 4, 5 and 6 pm, and boarding is only possible here and at the University Station.

Photo: Annamari Kiss

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