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The Exatlon star is in big trouble, he doesn’t know how he will pay the bills

The Exatlon star is in big trouble, he doesn’t know how he will pay the bills

the Exathlon One of the top contestants in his third season, he is now a father of two and can’t help but remember in this moment that What an amazing physique he had And his body is capable of making rare movements. Big Danny He is now under house arrest He doesn’t even know when he can get out of there. It is even questionable whether he can continue his sports career. The reason is banal back pain, which A dramatic problem was born.

The Exatlon star did not take the symptoms seriously

Danny A On his YouTube channel I mentioned the situation.

– Hey, I thought 2023 would be my happiest year, and it started like this… Cycling in the Canary Islands, surfing, bike parking in Iceland, Austria with family, we discovered Scotland, I was there for the World Cycling Championships. Family sports and lots of cycling around Lake Balaton.

I was at my best, doing moves I’d never done before, and to think I was at my peak fitness now, it was all a dream. Then suddenly it all ended and a nightmare ensued

– The sports blogger begins in the video uploaded to his YouTube channel, which gets straight to the point after his introduction: It all started with back pain. One morning, I woke up with pain in my back, and it was hard for me to bend over, but I didn’t pay much attention to it and thought it would go away.

End of career?

However, the athlete’s condition did not improve, but rather began to deteriorate rapidly. So much so that after three days he couldn’t even leave his bed, He preferred not to eat so that he would not have to go to the bathroom, because he could not do that either. Although he had never taken any medication before, he now had to get a prescription from a doctor: he took a lot of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories and painkillers, and his condition slowly began to improve. Danny is now able to walk again, however He was forced to give up all his workEven the simplest movements, like lifting your young children, are still very difficult.

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The Exatlon star was very upset. As he says, he has no idea what awaits him in the future. He is in his mid-thirties, and he has no alternative plan in life. All his work is related to sports. However, it seemed that his body had had enough of the extreme stress. Due to the illness, Dani was also exposed to existential devastation, You never know what will pay the checks.

Should I stop? Because I can’t stand it? I have to think about all this. After all, this obviously also brought existential anxiety…

– complained the father who told his partner To Ramona He also thanked him for managing family life for him in the past few days.

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