The European Union's chief negotiator writes a book on Britain's exit from the European Union

The European Union’s chief negotiator writes a book on Britain’s exit from the European Union

The book by Michel Barnier, former chief Brexit negotiator, has been published.

A recall of the 500-page book My Secret Brexit Diary – The Great Delusion in which Barnier summarizes how his frequently changing British interlocutors and UK prime ministers saw the Brexit negotiations.

Barnier said the problem at first was that British negotiators were almost “talking to themselves”. The legal complexity and many consequences of secession from the Federation have been underestimated.

May, Johnson, Frost

Theresa May was “straightforward, resolute, and too tough” as Barnier lacked flexibility, and Boris Johnson wrote that for all of his “comical deception and loud proclamations”, he advanced “like a bulldozer”.

His fellow Briton, Lord David Frost, said John Barost gave Johnson bad advice and “created drama” by temporarily leaving the negotiating table to preserve his power.

What will come after Barnier?

Political journalist John Worth said Barnier’s work should be appreciated because, as a leading negotiator, despite the provocations mentioned in the book, he remained calm and represented Union unity. The latter is also noteworthy because the said unit has appeared quite weak in the recent months since Barnier walked off the scene.

In his book, Barnier warns that the populist trend causing Brexit continues in many parts of Europe, and the EU must respond to it with respect and political courage.

The English version of the book, which has so far been published in French, will be available in bookstores in October.

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