The European Union may change security certificates

The European Union may change security certificates

According to the report

Ministers also supported harmonizing the validity of the EU’s protection certificates in member states.

was thought to A decision could be made later this month, to coordinate the validity of certificates Because, as it is written, it facilitates the crossing of borders and movement within the Federation.

It should be noted here that the Hungarian government swung last week that the validity of the protection card could be linked to the inclusion of the third vaccination and that a decision could be made this week.

The ministers also called for the expansion of scientific analyzes to identify the new virus variant, omicron, to monitor human contact with omicron and to take measures to curb the epidemic during the upcoming holidays.

Noting that the joint procurement of vaccines in the European Union has proven successful, The ministers also supported the joint purchase of medicines to treat patients infected with the Coronavirus.

The Council of Health Ministers also supported the regulations for accelerating the production and distribution of medicines, vaccines and other medical devices in case of a health emergency, and setting other necessary measures.

The meeting also focused on strengthening the “Health Union”, with a focus on implementing innovative solutions for flexible healthcare systems, improving access to medicines, fighting cancer, and strengthening the EU’s role in global health.

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