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The European Union is not ruling out the use of anal coronavirus tests

The European Union is not ruling out the use of anal coronavirus tests

The traditional sampling form of antigen tests for the presence of the Coronavirus is familiar to everyone: they will take a swab to take the sample, which will be pressed into your nose or throat to take a sample as efficiently as possible.

However, in China, they were not satisfied with this, they began to experiment with taking samples from other places and thus developed a test in which the sample is given by human feces, and if that is not enough, the sample can be analyzed directly from the human rectum 3-5 must Get it from deep inside.

In Future Microbiology Back – True, it was only obtained with the help of a small number of patients – the results showed that even the conventional sampling test did not detect the presence of the Coronavirus in the patients, the unconventional anal method had already worked.

According to Li Tongzheng, deputy director of infectious diseases at Yuan Hospital in Beijing, this is It is possible for that, Because

Coronavirus is able to survive longer in the human rectum and faeces compared to the upper respiratory tract.

In China, many cities already Also apply This sampling method, which is, however, is only required if the person’s stool sample is unsuitable for sampling for some reason.

Anal sampling was also a topic at the European Commission press conference on Thursday, with an Austrian journalist AskedWhether the committee intends to amend its testing recommendations to include rectal sampling. Commissioner Eric Mamer was not shy, and replied: “I think we all have a personal interest in this matter.”

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However, he actually missed the opportunity to get an objective answer for his colleague, Stefan de Kiersmeker, a spokesperson for the committee, who was also a specialist in health matters, and his reaction was:

“We are going where the science takes us.

So if the flag led us to the buttocks, we’ll look at that.

But of course, I don’t think I can add much to that, ”he added, jokingly adding to the topic that he doesn’t think journalists expect technical information from him, and he really wanted to leave it to the scientists to judge him.

By the way, the question, no matter how humorous, is where is it raised seriously in the European Union: Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovi at a press conference on Wednesday to ask a question to journalists He saidHe’s already considering rapid tests using stool samples.

Open image: European Commission / The social networking site Facebook

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