The European Union and the United States launch a joint health working group

The EU Commissioner from Cyprus emphasized that the United States is a key partner in dealing with global health challenges.

By launching the first EU-US health working group, we are reinforcing our mutual commitment to the increasingly close transatlantic partnership in the field of health and the implementation of one of the important priorities of the EU’s global health strategy, which is the fight against cancer.

Stella Kyriakidis reported.

The latest Hungarian cancer statistics: There’s good news and bad news

Although we are still the first in the European Union in terms of cancer mortality, the experts considered that the data on deaths from cancer improved by 11 percent for men and 6 percent for women. At the same time, women are slowly catching up with men in lung cancer deaths. Read more >>>

They focus on treating cancer and errors in the health care system

Within the working group, two expert-level subgroups were established, focusing on childhood and youth cancer and lung cancer in the context of European and American cancer strategies. The goal of this collaboration is to facilitate learning from each other, share best practices, and improve cancer treatment outcomes around the world.

Subgroups of experts focusing on the other two priority areas, global health emergencies and healthcare infrastructure, are still under construction, but both sides support collaboration on outbreak prevention, preparedness and response.

The European Union and the United States are working to establish permanent global mechanisms to deal with health threats such as avian influenza, Marburg virus disease, antibiotic resistance and post-coronavirus complications.

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