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The European Prosecutor’s Office does not have enough staff to handle all corruption cases

European Prosecutor Laura Kovici In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, He complained that since the board began in June, they have had more than 300 cases to investigate but do not have enough resources. They must recruit at least 50 other people to the European Prosecutor’s Office to analyze the cases and investigate.

According to the attorney general, there is also no problem with not getting enough money, but not having permission to hire more people. “What should I do to buy more flowers for the office?asked Covesi, who said they could reasonably spend their money on their budgets if they could hire more people. He is now in a position to ask the decision-making body of the European Prosecutor’s Office to return the money to the European Commission because they do not have permission to hire more people.

Prosecutor Laura Kudruta


Kovici also spoke about the fact that he expects to spend more cases on EU Recovery Fund money, as the risk always increases when it comes to more money and looser rules. It expects more cases, particularly in the areas of health, public procurement, infrastructure development and agriculture. He added that any private company could send them information if they became aware of the fraud.

The European Prosecutor’s Office was set up to investigate violations of EU funds. The European Prosecutor’s Office includes the 22 member states of the European Union, but Hungary, Poland and Ireland did not join for some reason. Denmark indicated a clear absence. Sweden plans to join later.

kos Hadházy by Collected 680,000 signatures plus joining, but the Hungarian government says that the Hungarian government is the majority He has transcended all of these endeavors.

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