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The European Parliament questions China's influence in EU infrastructure, and Fidesz-KDP and Ojeli did not vote either.

The European Parliament questions China's influence in EU infrastructure, and Fidesz-KDP and Ojeli did not vote either.

Critically important ports and transport networks are exposed to Chinese influence, according to a resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday. The study examined how China, through its “civilian-military integration strategy,” is increasingly accessing and influencing Europe’s critical infrastructure. This council advertisement It affects vital EU sectors such as transport, ports, communications networks, rare earths and submarine cables.

According to the European Parliament's decision, the integration strategy is a Chinese state-controlled program that uses all levels of state and commercial power to strengthen the Chinese Communist Party and its armed wing, the People's Liberation Army. Representatives are concerned that the strategy aims to obtain advanced technology, thus increasing China's dominance over foreign countries and undermining its competitors.

MEPs acknowledge EU moves to make critical infrastructure more resilient, but worry that they only screen for foreign direct investment, leaving other channels open for China to access and influence key European assets. They call on the EU and Member States to expand their measures as soon as possible to exclude organizations that may contribute to China's strategy, especially in the case of technologies that could also be used for military purposes.

Many Hungarians did not vote

The decision was adopted without any legal effects, by a majority of 565 votes, 26 votes, and 31 abstentions. MEPWatch Data All Hungarians voting voted yes, but the 12 Fidesz representatives, György Holvini of the KNP and István Ojeli of the former MSZP, did not cast their votes so that the Social Democratic Party could cast its votes. On the agenda directly before And after Yes to the suggestions found (except for László Trócsányi and in one case Tamás Deutsch).

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That's how it was Eurologos He noted that sometimes – usually on human rights issues – Fidesz members do not vote while in the meeting room. In such cases, abstaining from voting would achieve the same thing: it would be considered a vote that was not cast consciously, which the Hungarian government maintains. He explained In a lawsuit.

Istvan Ojeli, a politician from the self-established Iseli community, in October Announce: I accepted the invitation of the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce to become a consultant for the development of its European relations free of charge, “if you wish”, as a “personal bona fide activity”.

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