The EU ambassador to Beijing calls for the Chinese Foreign Ministry sanctions in Brussels

The EU ambassador to Beijing calls for the Chinese Foreign Ministry sanctions in Brussels

The Chinese Foreign Ministry asked the EU ambassador to Beijing on Tuesday to file a formal complaint about sanctions imposed in Brussels on human rights issues in Xinjiang, northwest China.

Qin Kang In a statement, the Chinese vice foreign minister called on the European Union to “recognize the seriousness of its mistakes and address them” – reiterating the Foreign Ministry’s decision issued on Monday when the sanctions imposed in response to the Brussels sanctions were announced.

Beijing imposed sanctions on ten European Union officials and four institutions Monday night in response to the European Union’s imposition of sanctions on four Chinese officials and a legal entity over human rights issues related to Xinjiang.

In a statement released Tuesday, Ms. Ken Kang denounced the sanctions, which she described as one-sided and based on lies and false news. Joseph Borrell The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on Monday described Beijing’s response as regrettable and unacceptable. He said Brussels wants China to abandon its confrontational policy and commit to human rights dialogue.

According to international advocacy organizations, the number of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities who have been imprisoned by the local government in re-education camps and work in factories or land could reach 1.8 million in Xinjiang, northwest China. According to some reports, forced sterilization is also being used against members of affected minorities, with various measures being taken to break up families and place children separated from their parents in state care homes. According to Beijing, the centers in Xinjiang provide training on a voluntary basis for those whose lives “have been affected by terrorism and extremism.”

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