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The Erzsébet Liget Pavilion in Keszthely has been completed

The Erzsébet Liget Pavilion in Keszthely has been completed

The European Regional Development Fund provided 13 HUF, and Kestly Municipality provided 2.5 million HUF for investment.

At the opening, Dr. said: Civil society has been working for more than 20 years, and there was a lack of place where they could hold meetings, forums, talk or even eat in the spring, said Erzibet Buldisar, President of the Helikon Ligit Association. To fall while discussing current problems and things to do in the area.

– Of course, this building is a joy not only for us, but for the entire city – said the first person of the association – because it serves not only us: we invite and welcome all the residents of Kestele to this three-hectare area. Of course, we are planning further development with the municipality to make this park a suitable place for walking and spending leisure time.

Foreign Minister Balint Nagy, Member of Parliament, recalled that a few years ago the association and the local government entered into strategic cooperation, and this investment is one of the tangible results of joint work.

Balint Nagy: This very important part of the Balaton coast is starting to fulfill the role that it was supposed to play, and which we must adhere to in the future. Dr. Khalaf, the actor on the right. Erzbet Buldisar, Gino Manninger and Deputy Mayor Peter Vozar
Photo: Titanella Corosa

– Not long ago, this was a closed area, almost inaccessible, surrounded by a rusty fence. We have now achieved that this very important part of the coast of our Lake Balaton is starting to play the role that it was supposed to play, and which we must insist on in the future. Our goal is to preserve the green, wooded, orchard-like space here, where anyone can come and spend their free time at any time. Recent developments have already been implemented in the spirit of this intention – highlighted Balint Nagy.

Jenny Manninger, Mayor of Kestele, confirmed that the city administration will continue the concept it started, which is one of them

The next important element will be to convert the existing bike path into a walkway, so that pedestrians and cyclists do not disturb each other in the future.

– We will build a new bicycle path on the other side of the neighboring buildings, and next to it we plan a service road that will also allow access to the ports. “I think this area will continue to evolve with this development,” Jenny Manninger said.

The mayor added that the municipality will apply for European Union funds.

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