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The era of lost keys is over

The era of lost keys is over

We all know how annoying it is when we can't find our keys when we want to leave the house, or when our wallet gets stuck in an unknown location when the postman rings and we have to pay for the order delivered to the house. There was a solution to this, many people probably remember the key ring which, if we whistled it, was able to emit a beep, but today there is a much more elegant and versatile device, such as the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2.

The Samsung Galaxy SmarTag2 is useful for a lot of things.

It is a smart accessory that has broad compatibility with other Galaxy devices and the SmartThings platform, so it can be easily integrated into existing smart home systems. This little gadget allows us to keep track of our items so that they are always at hand when we need them. It can also help you find lost or stolen items. However, the Galaxy SmartTag2 can do much more than that.

Object tracking

One of the most useful functions of the Galaxy SmartTag2 is object tracking. This is done with the help of the SmartThings application, which we have to install on our smartphone and then all we have to do is easily connect the device to the system and then attach it to the key, bag, wallet or other important object that we want to track.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2
If you're traveling, it's also great for keeping track of your luggage on the plane!

These objects and the existing/already existing SmartTag2s in them are displayed in the application. In the event that something is lost or lost, we can simply activate the search mode through the application, and SmartTag2 will indicate the exact location of the device with an audio signal or a location on the map. It should also be noted here that the design of the SmartTag2 makes it very easy to attach to anything, because at one end of the small, flat device there is a large hole, which can be easily attached to almost anything, such as a key ring. If there is no other option, with a piece of stronger rope. But due to its flat design, we can easily hide it, for example, under our car seat, so if it is stolen – that is, our car, not its seat – we still have a chance of knowing where it is going. In such cases, of course, we should definitely not try to get to the bottom of the issue ourselves, because the Internet is full of news about exactly such cases, which usually end badly.

Pet tracking

As a more peaceful usage method, SmartTag2 can also be an ideal pet tracking solution. If the cat or dog in the house tends to wander, we can simply attach the SmartTag2 to the animal's collar and leave the house door open during the summer when we are home. If our little pet escapes from the garden, with the help of the application, we can find out where he wandered in a matter of seconds, and if we want, we can also collect his waste.

remote control

The Galaxy SmartTag2 also offers additional functionality as a remote control. The device allows you to remotely control your phone or other compatible devices through the SmartThings app. That's all for this On a small device We also find a push button that can be programmed via the app. We can define any function here, so it almost depends on us what kind of event we trigger by pressing the little button. We can set, for example, that if we press a button, all smart devices in the house will turn off. This way, when we walk out the door, we only need to move one step closer and we can be sure that from now on we won't have to wonder in the theater during the show, “Did you turn the iron off?” Of course, this requires a smart connector between the iron and the socket, which we then have to pair with the SmartThings system, but the point is that it can be easily solved. But the system can also help us in other ways. For example, we can set the device to alert us if our smartphone or other compatible device moves away from us. This way, we can avoid leaving our smartphone somewhere and then leaving it there.

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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2
It lasts a long time with soap suds and is durable as well.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 is versatile, so it can help you in many areas of your daily life. Whether it's keeping track of things, keeping pets safe, or using it as a remote control, this little device can make our lives a lot easier.

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