The Epic Games Store distributes hunting games

The Epic Games Store distributes hunting games

It can be played with others or in competition with them.

The Epic Games Store has renewed the free-to-play promotion until 5 PM. theHunter: Call of the Wild It can be obtained forever from the digital computer game store.

theHunter: Call of the WildSource: Expansive Realms

According to its developer, it is an open world hunting game, not specifically called a simulation by Expansive Worlds, but it has tried to incorporate all the factors related to real hunting into its gameplay, thinking about everything from the most realistic behavior of the animals. on the trajectory of the projectile. It also has multiplayer modes, and can be played with others.

In addition to theHunter, interested Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack They can also request in-game currency to play the free Antstream Arcade, which offers over a thousand retro games, to enjoy the titles in them.

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