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The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

The MOL Gamer Hungarian Cup, the all-star tournament, is nearing the final round, which has been captivating soccer fans, esports fans and spectators who simply want to have fun since October 15th. In the unique MOL competition finals, which starts with over a thousand competitors, Dávid Meggyes and Gabinho will play GoodLike duo, KondakorKevin98 for the nation’s best player pair.


Football is timeless, great and timeless. Nothing can prove this better than the emergence of sport in the virtual world as well. FIFA as a game has proven for years to be more than just a controlling representation of “real” football. It is indeed a separate sport, a separate love that will be strengthened through technological innovation.

Millions of people buy the current version of the game every year, and over 10 million have already played the latest game. The enthusiasm for virtual football, which has developed into esports, has not ceased in Hungary either, and like all popular sports, in this case everyone wonders who is the best? This is what the Hungarian MOL Gamer Cup was created for.

A special community gaming event

As a supporter of MOL, she is present in many sports in the country, and from this year she will also support the Hungarian Football Cup. In addition to the prestigious domestic physical competition, the company has now launched a virtual cup so that esports fans can also indulge in their passion for football.

One of the hallmarks of esports is that it doesn’t matter who or where they come from or what their fitness is. The only thing that’s important is talent and constant practice. In this spirit, MOL organized the Gamer Hungarian Cup, which was open to anyone from amateurs to pros who only had an Xbox Live Gold subscription and FIFA 21 games.

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High-quality competition is like handling and reward. The first was presented by the Esport Universum team, who was responsible for designing, implementing and liaising with the project. Hosted by the popular Hungarian event Nessaj, the contests were broadcast on the event’s YouTube channel on’s YouTube channel with the popular and beloved commentary by Gábor Gundel Takács. The main prize of the MOL Gamer Hungarian Cup was presented by Xbox Hungary, its battle video game partner, which will surprise the winner of the virtual tournament with one of the first domestic Xbox Series Xs.

The road to the final

The private competition also moved the online community, with more than a thousand participants starting their careers in the small qualifiers live, from which only four FIFA experts could apply. For those who have passed the screening by demonstrating their skills, the competition is really serious only here, as the beauty of the MOL Gamer Hungarian Cup is that it is much more difficult than the general competition: to win here alone and in a team, you have to do well, so you must also pass the best What in the local gaming world.

In the quarter-finals, the four qualifiers and the four professionals selected by MOL, a well-known player to the Hungarian FIFA community, were able to continue the fight for the trophy in the crossfire of the cameras. The stars included names like Edina Kulcsár and her husband András “Csuti” Szabó, Curtis, Zolee Ganxsta, Babett Köllő, or Zozó Kempf.

The immediately completed quarter-finals field began with a family war. The duo Chuti and Gogetinho clashed with the duo Edina Kulcsár – ATrueGunnerx, so in addition to the fate of the progression, it was also possible to find out who is wearing the FIFA shorts at home. Edina’s team, who promised to be sharp but ended up with surprising smoothness, won 4-1, shattering yet another stereotype that women cannot play FIFA. Another meeting of the branch ended with the end of an unresolved dispute. Originally, David Miguez would have played alongside Jabinho, but Janxista Zolley wanted to educate Curtis and his mate so morally that he took Meguez hostage and took his place. Ganxsta’s confidence coincided with success, as a 3–2 win showed who the rapper was at home.

In the other leg of the quarter-finals, Ganxsta Zolee returned to her original partner B3rt11, but the Kempf Zozó and Olivér Vadicska duo proved too big. The rapper and his buddy eventually managed to go to Fresh Corner, which was responsible for recharging, with a 7-3 defeat. The final match in the quarter-finals was the duo GoodLike and KondakorKevin98 against Köll Babett and SlyFlys. The fancy match started tightly, but in the second half, GoodLike crushed all resistance and said goodbye to the Babettes, 4-1.

In the semi-finals, the sad Kempf Zuzu team clashed with GoodLike duo, KondakorKevin98, to reach the final. The match brought extraordinary excitement worthy of risk. In normal time, the two sides ended in a 2-2 draw, so in the end, a marathon 9 penalty penalty shootout sealed the win for GoodLike.

On the other leg, the last lady, Idina Kolksar, and her ATrueGunnerx partner David Meggyes, Gabinho, have met one of their members, courtesy of Ganxsta Zolee, the quarter-finals tied up in the trunk. However, David did not break due to the kidnapping, he got along well with Gabinho, who finally overtook Edina Kolksar 1-0.

In addition to promoting football, MOL’s clear goal is to reach generations that have been difficult or impossible to reach through traditional media channels. The latest initiative, backed by the company, has proven successful in this regard. The MOL Gamer Hungarian Cup has become the battle for stars, players and the general public, which provides excellent entertainment for all sports fans while in isolation. The contest broadcasts have so far brought tens of thousands of people to the screens, and with the final on December 3, they will surely surpass previous records.

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Hungarian Cup from Mall Gamer
December 13, 20.00:
David Megiz, Gabenho – GoodLike, KondakorKevin98 – He lives here!

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