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The end for me is the beginning: The Eagle – Dürer relegated

The end for me is the beginning: The Eagle - Dürer relegated

Usually, here in Nuskull, we try, as much as possible, to make a political report on what is happening in the world of local music, even if this becomes slowly impossible as the government walks step by step through the many sectors of culture. Therefore, only those who had spent the past ten years in a cave could not figure out how the legendary Dürer Park and the Eastern Bloc became the latest victims of the state-owned nightclub relocation. The concert and entertainment venue and the rehearsal hall complex in the same building were finally closed at the end of last year, and although it is already known that Dürer will return to a new location, it is not yet known where and when we can feel the atmosphere again. For years it was the common denominator underground in the capital, and what is the topic of our article The eagle landed He also put a band together and made him create something lasting. This is how the first material out of five teeth was born, and it is also the garden’s last swan song: Dürer EP.

The Budapest troupe has been plowing (together) Hungarian theaters for about two years, which is not at all surprising, because they are members of current and thriving bands like It also brings karma, a Allah, a Subconscious fusion And that Another dawn comes. Nor is it surprising that their first song was based on this frustrating situation. Well, it’s obviously not clear to the average person, but if you knew the band a little bit, you might know that in addition to the regular rehearsals at Dürer, the place itself was not just a place for them, but a feeling of life, a condition. So, in essence, an album is a type of understandable album. In its vast twenty-minute gameplay time, eagles shake the grumpy death plates off their little finger, sometimes more attractive, sometimes more electronic, but the combination is striking in every moment. In many cases it is Emory-Or just the bountiful and divisive hip-hop of the past year Within the destructionPlate, and YokaiT evoke emerging topics. Among the inspirations of the members we also find a lot of hardcore and rap performers, which can also be heard in the way they perform: rough, earthy, trivial, and which the singers, Ballint and Betty, convey with two screaming members.

An important feature is that nearly half of the ten songs received in lieu of the EP Out Loud of Death are mainly electronic transitions / hip-hop. Just like when the speakers swam through the crowd between the Pig Slaughter Feri squads for a while. Missy ElliottChange you Justin Timberlake-Almost all of the beer scattered on the floor is a symphony of cupping to face our shoes. The atmospheres work well, the breaks last as long as you take a deep breath to prepare for the next threshing machine. There is a huge red point to sound, among other things, things are almost perfectly polished, the team did not leave it to chance, and three studios were active at various stages in the composer’s album work process: the singers were Stray Heart Recordsnál – machines No silence-It was recorded, while the mix and master were recorded Different studios Rearranged.

The The eagle landed He didn’t invent the Spanish wax, but he put a focused, springy and strong introduction on the table that many would envy. In vain, we did not expect anything else from experienced musicians. Even though they were shown live multiple times to smooth their eyebrows smoothly with their music alone, we almost begged the team silhouette to flash in a crowded club (Dürer 2.0?) After the pandemic and make us realize: vultures have landed, nothing is spared and no one’s handsome. 8/10

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