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The end can be a breakdown if we drop this: work is also more efficient this way

The end can be a breakdown if we drop this: work is also more efficient this way

Not having a longer break in the summer will result in losses at the end of the year, if you can’t stop at this time, you can’t make up for it later, the end could be a crash – according to the summary of Comline Budapest, one of the largest coaching companies founded in Hungary. Employees who allow themselves longer vacations can feel up to 15 percent more efficient during the year, however, and the amount of work accumulated during the rest can backfire later.

They can be on vacation for 20 to 41 days in other countries

Harvard Business Review researched 20 countries according to the number of paid vacation days employees receive in a year. All of this was compared to regulations in the United States, where the average worker gets 10 days of paid vacation after a year of service, which only 25% of fully employed Americans otherwise take. By the way, Australia has the least number of days of paid annual leave (28 days), while Sweden and Brazil lead the list with 41 days. As a result of the research, it has been shown that individual participants’ relaxation is related to their subsequent productivity.

Longer holidays, longer preparations, more difficult comebacks, more pressure

The aforementioned research also reveals that in many cases, even those workers who have allowed themselves more time off feel exhausted. 26% of those surveyed from countries with longer vacations felt more tired when they returned to work, and the reason for this is that they also have to deal with work stress that increased during the rest after the long preparations. “It is important to be able to provide suitable alternatives for those on vacation, otherwise the whole vacation will turn into a nightmare. Vacations can often only be solved with advance planning or reduced operations, but this will return the energy invested later even in the form of profit.” Bella Nagy added.

Who needs rest the most?

The Hungarian training company Comline Budapest, which trains approximately 2,000 salespeople from 120 companies each year, finds out from its existing domestic client base that the job of company managers and especially their second deputy, as well as sales managers, is one of the most stressful situations.

Of course, everyone has something to relax in the summer, but if the company’s managers, deputies, and sales managers do not rest, it will easily lead to the phenomenon of rust and fatigue. According to our experience, the productivity of resting workers is at least 15 percent higher than that of those who did not take summer rest seriously.

Bella Nagy added.

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