The effect of a shortage of chips on toner powder in Canon printers

The effect of a shortage of chips on toner powder in Canon printers

The company itself is forced to sell seemingly unofficial models.

Canon, which recently sued in the US over its questionable business practices, has announced that it is expected to sell chip-free toners to some imageRUNNER ADVANCE business laser printers in Australia and New Zealand from February due to semiconductor shortages. The chips are intended to force customers to buy expensive factory inks, although the printers in question are among the models that do not preclude the use of refills.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCESource: Canon

Taking advantage of this, Canon is temporarily resting on chips on its support side Submitted Interfaces error messages alerting you that you can safely ignore the annoying. However, there may be a small problem, when using toner cartridges you may not be able to view their charge: printers can only display an error message about running out of ink, which can be very inconvenient for customers.

It is not yet clear if the chip-free factory inks will be available in Europe.

Affected printers and toner models:

  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 47xx / 45xx (NPG-73)
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE C355_255 / C350_250 (NPG-65)
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE C357_257 / C356_265 (NPG-76)
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE C38xx / C37xx / C35xx / C33xx (NPG-67)
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE C57xx / 55xx (NPG-71)

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