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The Edge browser is getting an innovation that gamers will love

The Edge browser is getting an innovation that gamers will love

Although very few people use Microsoft Edge, it is now trying to gain an advantage by letting us set the amount of memory it can use.

04/05/2024 – The Microsoft Edge web browser will get a new functionality that all PC gamers will certainly be happy about, but the question remains whether we are willing to replace the browser we currently use because of it. If you are a Chrome or Firefox user, you probably know that when it comes to RAM usage, both browsers are identical “We take as much as we can” represents a point of view.

Microsoft is now testing a new feature that will allow us to limit the amount of RAM you use in the Edge browser. the the edge according to Lyubieva64 Spotted a new settings option in the beta version of the browser, which includes a simple slider to limit the amount of RAM the browser can access. With this, you can also set that you can always only use a certain amount of RAM, but also when you start a game, the restriction will take effect. The purpose of the whole thing is of course to ensure that players always have enough RAM while gaming. And how to get players to use Edge.

it is good?

Basically, yes, because browsers tend to consume a very large amount of RAM, so you often have to close all windows before playing. This setting can instantly take a RAM request from the browser when we start something. Of course, Microsoft warns that a threshold value that is too low can affect browser speed. And don't say better?! I can't wait to see the chaos as Edge tries to handle 50 open tabs with 1GB of RAM.

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Edge will also give you a detailed view of your current RAM usage, including how many tabs you've put to sleep and how much memory you have remaining. Regardless of everything, this is a very practical option and should be implemented in all browsers. Of course, I understand those who don't want to switch to Edge because of this. The good news is that Opera GX, designed specifically for gamers, also has a RAM and CPU limiter. By the way, there's no way to know when the new Edge feature will be rolled out widely. Will you be converted because of this?

Have you seen this before?

The computers can be completely converted, and the process can actually begin in the summer

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