So far, Fouad Al-Dubairi has not explained why he left the company.

A Twitter leader is leaving after Ron DeSantis’ campaign launch was a disaster for the platform, he wrote: BBC. Fouad El-Debeiri A on Twitter He wrote: He is leaving the company after four incredible years.

DeSantis, along with Elon Musk, announced on Twitter that he’s running for the Republican presidential nomination to challenge Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. On the other hand, his Twitter livestream practically crashed before his announcement, so they were only able to start broadcasting after a two-time delay. Twenty minutes – and thus they lost the majority of viewers. Only 300,000 people could watch the broadcast, even though 600,000 people initially wanted it.

Al-Dubairi did not explain the reason for his resignation from the company, and Twitter has not yet issued a statement regarding his departure.

After DeSantis’ announcement, Donald Trump, who’s also running for president, poked fun at the ill-fated announcement on Instagram: He put DeSantis on the same page as George Soros, Hitler, and Satan in a hilarious video.


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