The DualSense controller will soon be available in two new colors

The DualSense controller will soon be available in two new colors

A Sony employee recently told Play StationThe DualSense controller will be available in two new colors starting next month. The PlayStation 5 console is so far only available in black and white, but Midnight Black and Cosmic Red will soon be available. These have been shown in great detail in the video below.

As with the first edition of DualSense, the new devices will retain the black base, but the contrast “Midnight Black” will be all black, and “Cosmic Red” will be in a curved pink. Other than that, it looks just like the usual DualSense. Exact availability time for these models varies by region, PlayStation On the Hungarian site For now, they write, “It will be available soon.”

Designed for the PlayStation 5, DualSense is a great console (test it here) Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are also great for console games. True, not everything is right, in some cases there was a drift bug, which also affected other control units. Outside companies have tried to sell DualSense as an alternate color before, but Sony is not used to evaluating such initiatives.

The uniquely-looking PlayStation 5 hasn’t been announced yet, which is understandable, because they can’t even solve the lack of stock issue on the base model yet.

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