The draw for the 2023 Women’s European Futsal Finals: Spain-Portugal, Ukraine-Hungary

UEFA Women’s Futsal Championship 2023 Spain will meet Portugal in the semi-finals, while Ukraine and host Hungary are drawn at the Nagyarti Stadium in Debrecen.

On Friday, March 17, the draw for the four-team elimination tournament will take place, which will divide the competitors into two semi-finals. The play-offs for the last and third places will take place two days later. Finals here at the Phoenix Arena in Debrecen, It was previously the venue for the 2010 UEFA Men’s Futsal Championship.

2023 Women’s UEFA Futsal Championship Schedule

Friday, March 17th
Spain – Portugal (16:00)
Ukraine – Hungary (19:30)

Sunday 19 March
Third place match:
Ukraine / Hungary – Spain / Portugal (17:00)
Ukraine / Hungary – Spain / Portugal (20:00)

Central European Time at all times

Spain defeated Portugal in the previous two FIFA Women’s Futsal World Cups, in 2019 and 2022 (postponed from 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic), and won the latest title in Gondomar last July. On the same day, Ukraine beat Hungary 2-1 to win the bronze medal.

Spain vs Portugal

Spain (owners)

How did they qualify?
Group 1 winners in the preliminary round (Vantaa, Finland): W14-0 v Belgium, W6-1 v Sweden, W7-2 v Finland.

2022 Final: Winners
2019 Finals: Winners

2022 Final Highlights: Spain beat Portugal on penalties


How did they qualify?
Group 3 winners in the main round (FIFA, Portugal): W14-0 – Belarus, W12-0 – Slovenia, W5-1 – Italy

2022 Finals: In second place
Finalist 2019: second place

Gondomar 2022: Spain retain the title

Ukraine – Hungary


How did they qualify?
Winner of Group 2 Main Round (Posnan, Poland): W5-2 vs Netherlands, W5-1 vs Croatia, D1-1 vs Poland

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Final 2022: third place
Finalist 2019: fourth place

Hungary (host country)

How did they qualify?
Group D semi-final winners (Brno, Czech Republic): D1-1 – Slovakia, W3-2 – Bosnia and Herzegovina, W3-0 – Czech Republic.

Final 2022: fourth place
Final 2019: I did not attend

Eligibility results

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