The DOTA 2 map has been completely changed

Update 7.33, called New Frontiers, made the famous DOTA 2 track about 40 percent bigger. These changes can fundamentally change the gameplay in MOBA.

Not a single tournament in DOTA 2 has changed in the past 10 years as much as it has now in Gameplay Update 7.33. Valve took it upon themselves and made the map 40 percent bigger, but they didn’t leave the familiar terrain untouched. As a taste, here is the cinematic accompanying the update:

Of course, the main buildings and the three-lane block remained, but the outside areas and the woods between the main lanes were completely altered. New jungle mobs, camps and modified viewing angles await players, but even Roshan has found a new home for himself: From now on, we can take on the toughest beast on the field in two new hideouts. Another interesting thing is that you can find portals at the end of the path, with which you can cross the field in seconds, completely surprising your opponents.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Single LED Huge new site Dedicated to New Frontiers, i.e. if you want to know in detail the contents of Patch 7.33, then you should definitely visit there. The update is quite huge, so there will be something to go through!

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