The doctor died four months after he was evacuated. Zsuzsa Kovacs

the A city for everyone The local government entered into a fixed-term apartment use contract with its client in 2013, which it canceled in November 2016 due to a small amount of fee arrears, then in 2018 took legal action to vacate the apartment. The AVM Group previously offered to settle the arrears with the help of an institution, but the municipality did not accept this.

Activists fought for Zsouza’s house until the last moment and, with the participation of members of parliament, tried to block the woman’s eviction with a chain, but this was unsuccessful. The code-finder was put on the street with a utilities debt of only 300,000 HUF.

67-year-old Zsouza lived in the municipal apartment for a total of eight years, but in the lead-up to the eviction, due to her failing health, she could no longer leave her home.

After the eviction, the woman was first housed in the Dózsa Györgyt hostel, then before she could obtain housing again with the help of the Metropolitan Municipality, she was taken to the Szabolcs utca hospital.

Zsuzsa died just four months after being evicted, without a place she could call home.

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