The Division 2 Season 9 starts this week

The Division 2 Season 9 starts this week


The novelties were collected in a new preview by the makers.

10/20/2022 13:37 | Gerge | Category: game

It’s been three years since the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, which quickly became a fan favorite by repairing the foundations laid by its predecessor, but correcting many (but not all) of its flaws. The game makers are still trying to keep the online game community alive with more or less success. Fans are now gearing up for the ninth season to start. This is interesting only because the game, in principle, reached the end of its life cycle last year, when players were no longer accustomed to the surprise of new content. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen now, this week.

The ninth season titled Hidden Alliance, in addition to scrolling through the history of the end game, it brings with it many new features. This time, players can take the fight against Captain Lewis, the head of the True Sons group, who can perform any campaign missions with his soldiers.

In addition, the new eight-player co-op game mode, Countdown, also carries the narrative, in which players somehow have to prevent a nuclear reactor from melting. Of course, new weapons and equipment will also not be excluded, and the experience system will be introduced, which will allow us to improve some basic features of all our weapons and equipment.

In the event nothing comes out – and is rarely used – the Hidden Alliance will begin on Thursday, May 12th. The developers promise to make more similar expansions later this calendar year. And of course, in the meantime, let’s not forget Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, which was also produced years ago. ■

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