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The dispute over the name of North Macedonia is renewed again

The dispute over the name of North Macedonia is renewed again

The country's name was officially changed from Macedonia to North Macedonia in January 2019 as a result of a name dispute and agreement with Greece. Thanks to the name change, Greece did not hamper the country's Euro-Atlantic integration. The center-left government of North Macedonia, which signed the agreement, lost the elections that took place on May 8.

At the North Macedonia Parliament session held on Sunday, where the new government was voted on, Mikuszki repeatedly referred to the country's old name, but actually used the new official name during his official swearing-in.

I must bow my head before you and say this shameful epithet because unfortunately it is part of the law and the constitution that I must respect as Prime Minister.

Mycoskie told the actors.

Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis said on Monday that North Macedonia's accession to the European Union would be “out of the question and unacceptable” without “full and unconditional” respect for international law, including an agreement ending the name dispute.

According to Gerapetritis, the new leadership of North Macedonia “decided to systematically and continuously insist that the name North Macedonia not be used locally or in public discourse. This is a clear violation of the agreement (with Greece) calling for the use of the name North Macedonia.” The name of North Macedonia – and abroad.

President Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, who was also elected in May with the support of the conservative internal Macedonian revolutionary organization – Democratic Macedonian National Unity Party (VMRO-DPMNE), also used the country's old name, Macedonia, when taking her oath of office. He later stated that it was his “human right” to refer to his country as he wished.

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