The discount streak introduced products many just couldn't live without

The discount streak introduced products many just couldn’t live without

Lidl previously had huge success with its branded products, which were discovered in almost hours. Moreover, it so happened that a pair of shoes was bought for a few thousand forint for millions of forint. Now, Aldi has also launched her own branded apparel, which has already sparked vivid reactions overseas in the online space.

Following the example of Lidl’s own successful products, the big competitor has now placed Aldi-branded hoodies, shirts, pants, socks and pajamas on the shelves of UK stores. My London In the wake of Promotions. A sock, for example, costs about 600 Ft when converted to HF.

Internet forums have been filled with impressive posts for days, with thousands of people sharing products with texts saying “You can’t live without it”, “One for me immediately”.

This is one reason why supermarket chain fans go crazy wearing a hoodie called Aldi.Source: Aldi

On the other hand, there were extreme reactions to the startling reactions. Many people are at a loss, not understanding how to pick up store-name clothes. And many of them do not understand why some people can easily transform voluntarily by singing in a roaming advertisement in the store.

The controversy that has erupted highlights a very interesting phenomenon – a strange way of forming an identity. It seems that by 2021, whoever goes to any store is already an integral part of their identity, there are fan camps, And supermarkets produce products for their fans that they can use to show where they belong in public places and instantly categorize each other based on those products. So stores are also trying to increase the level of engagement with this particular brand.

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