The developers of Wasteland 3 try a new genre with their next game

The developers of Wasteland 3 try a new genre with their next game

a PC Gamer I mentioned that several vacancies appeared as they were looking for new employees at inXile Entertainment. Based on that, it definitely looks like one of the new work for Wasteland 3 developers will be FPS.

For one of the advertised positions, they are looking for a game engineer who will “work on the next generation role-playing game in the studio”, who will also be a “inside shooter”. The declaration also mentions “powerful, hand-held and indoor weapons” and “special combat capabilities.” The studio also wants to hire an art director who should bring an “extraordinary new world” to life. Based on that, it appears to be a new IP so it is not a continuation of Wasteland. The game has revealed that it will be using Unreal Engine 5.

Microsoft acquired inXile again in 2018. Perhaps due to the financial security achieved in this way, the team will try to play FPS, as they have so far made role-playing games (Wasteland) and dungeon crawlers (The Bard’s Tale). The studio’s founder, Brian Fargo, revealed last year that they are working on several RPGs, but he also added that they will not be completed recently.

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