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The developers detailed the contents of the first free DLCs, and we haven't looked back

The developers detailed the contents of the first free DLCs, and we haven’t looked back

To put it mildly, the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 may be slow at first, as the game will soon be expanded with another patch, patch 1.3, and the first DLCs will arrive. True to the promise of the RED CD Project, it also unveiled the major changes the patch will introduce early in the evening, as well as details of what the first free DLC packs will cover. Well, we didn’t miss that stuff, but CDPR experts confirmed that this is just a warm-up, and the real extra content and extra quality will be tutik.

Everyone’s favorite Keanu Reevese, the ad brand for the game played by Johnny Silverhand, got his first round nana with an alternate look. Second, we can get two new items, two jackets: a multi-layered Deltajock synchronized leather jacket and a Luminescent Punk jacket, which will be available from Apartment V after a message arrives from Victor after completing The Ride quest. In terms of quality, it is otherwise rated Rare/Iconic. Last but not least, the ‘Bandit’ Archer Quartz vehicle comes, provided we complete Ghost Town and buy it or take home as a reward after receiving a message from Dakota or Rogue. If the message does not arrive, we will have to move away from the Dakota store in the area called Badlands, or leave time for ipse to make sure you contact us in a few days.

Each of these contents can be accessed from the main menu, under the “Additional Content” tab. During the broadcast, track designer Miles Toast argued that we’re getting DLC ​​packs so smaller that patch 1.3 is an ever bigger patch package that is, in a sense, “improved” with free content. Of course, after The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, this was not surprising, it also came with more than a dozen free DLCs and a couple of great add-ons. This will be similar to Cyberpunk 2077, and mission planner Patrick Mills claims there will be smaller and larger free DLC packs for the game in the near future, but none of them will match the more massive additional-caliber paid content.

There is no release date for Cyberpunk 2077 1.3 and the first mentioned DLCs, which the developers justified by not wanting to make the previous mistake by spraying a month or a day and still failing to meet the deadline. So be extra careful with CD Project RED. The fix otherwise fixes a lot of stability issues, bugs, improves balance, UI, etc. You can view the full patch list here.

Johnny Silverhand has been given an alternate look
Cool jackets (?) play a role
A cooler car coming to Cyberpunk 2077

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