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The developer of Sonic Origins is unhappy with SEGA and the group! [VIDEO]

The developer of Sonic Origins is unhappy with SEGA and the group! [VIDEO]

Simon Thomley, founder of Headcannon, isn’t too happy with the state of Sonic Origins.

Due to the bundle of four games, both the original Sonic trilogy and Sonic CD were removed from digital stores, and fans weren’t happy about it simply because they didn’t: SEGA has essentially cut game content into DLCs to do the same. Get more money out of the audience. There is no shortage of loopholes either. There are two videos below: one may miss a special level soon after the game starts, but longer before restarting, near the end of the game, and in the second video, the Bossfight will start, but simply because of a mistake you are missing everything, the animation goes there in the background.

But let’s see what Thomley a . wrote on Twitter. This is translated: “That’s frustrating. I won’t lie and I won’t say there were no issues with what we handed over to SEGA, but what’s in Origins isn’t what we handed over. The integration has introduced some wild flaws that conventional logic would suggest is our responsibility – but many are not.” Also.For Origins, we were strangers who created a separate project that was then compiled into something completely different.We knew there would be a huge shortage of time, and we just bumped ourselves to the ground that we could just make it and show up at all.

I repeat, I can take responsibility for my mistakes and the mistakes of my team because there were some. There were actual mistakes, there were things we ignored, there were things we rushed, there were things we noticed, but in the end we no longer had the chance to correct. [A játék] It’s not perfect at all, and part of it is because of us. This is complicated. I’m very proud of my team for delivering performance under that pressure, but we’re all very unhappy with the state of the assets and even the Sonic 3 component. We weren’t too excited about the state before the introduction, but we didn’t have much of an impact on it.

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We asked for major repairs to be made prior to submission, but SEGA did not allow this due to submission and approval rules. We have asked for a delay before and a few times, but they said it’s not possible. We’ve offered to come back to deal with post-release fixes and updates – we don’t know if that will happen yet. We want to solve these problems. We’ve given a lot of feedback during and after developing the Origins and Sonic 3 integrations. Even after our hours, we’ve done a great deal of work to fix things, support SEGA, and prepare for future updates.

I have to apologize for not having dealt with this before, but you have to understand – a lot of this stuff is “unprofessional” and could harm our relationship with SEGA, which means there will be no Origins update and no more 2D Sonic games from us. So why am I talking about this now? Well, there is a lot of research simply because of things that have nothing to do with us and nothing to do with us, and I don’t want to sit in silence while people ask why and how things happened for a product with so much hope and money invested. I hear what you’re saying, Headcannon can hear you, too. We wanted this to be the case then and now. There’s a lot you’ll never know or understand in this kind of business, but know and understand this – we’ll do our best to hurt us and take care of our work and Sonic.”

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So the ball is now in the SEGA half.

source: VG247

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