The Department of Homeland Security says that voting machine problems in Georgia, New York and Missouri are not cyberattacks

Voting machine problems Tuesday in Spalding County Georgia Rochester, New YorkOfficials said the US Department of Homeland Security is monitoring them. They urged the public to be careful and patient.

DHS officials emphasized that these were typical challenges with election technology and there was no indication of malicious activity.

During a conference call with reporters, the Department of Homeland Security officials said they are also watching the problems of voting machines in Missouri.

Oyu County used backup system to verify the voters’ paper after technical problems

Director Christopher Krebs said in the briefing that he doesn’t see any kind of cyberattack there at this point.

“When you see technical challenges or failures, it’s rarely a cyber problem, based on everything we’ve seen, and that’s what’s happening there,” he said.

Krebs added that the states have been handling cases with their vendors. He asked for patience.

“We are not out of the woods yet,” said Krebs. “Today, in a sense, half the time. There may be events or other activities or efforts to intervene and undermine confidence in the elections. Therefore, I ask all Americans to be patient, and to deal with all the sensational allegations that have not been verified with suspicion, and remember that technology sometimes fail and break down “.

In Spalding County, local police officials confirmed technical difficulties that occurred at sites across the county shortly after voting began. Fox 5 Atlanta mentioned.

The problem was addressed, but officials warned of long voting lines.

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The station reported ballots nowadays.

Fox News “Jake Gibson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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