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The deadline is approaching.  You must count!  – Economy – News

The deadline is approaching. You must count! – Economy – News

Next year, only those organizations that submit a “KOZ Notice” to NAV by May 31 can receive an offer of 1 percent. NAV also brought it to the attention of organizations via email, fearing any CSOs would lose their support in 2023 because of it.

In the 21KOZ notice, the use of each 1% of the amount allocated by NAV to the beneficiary from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, or that the beneficiary reserved must be indicated in the 20KOZ notice. The notice must be sent electronically to the National Tax and Customs Office by May 31.

A notice of 21KOZ and instructions for its packaging are located on the NAV website here Downloadable.

Recipients obligated to settle received two emails from NAV about the amounts to be settled in May, the last time on May 25.

If the civil organization ceases to exist without a legal successor, it must count the use of the amounts reserved in the 21 koz declaration and appropriated after January 1, 2021, on the receipt of 23 million koz.

It may happen that the organization does not cease to exist, but it does not claim the allocated amount and requests its deregistration, in this case also it must be calculated on the receipt of 23 million koz, and the unused amount must be returned at the same time as the application.

If the organization does not submit the declaration by the deadline, or if the declaration contains numerically incorrect data, does not include the amount to be calculated, and does not correct it despite NAV’s invitation, the office will exclude it from 2024 recipients.

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