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The dead company attacked the Apple-Google duo

For example, a plaintiff may prohibit the distribution of iPhones and iPads in the United States.

He has received another patent infringement lawsuit around his neck Apple and Google, Jawbone Innovations, an investment firm that just won electronics manufacturer Bankrupt Jawbone’s patents in 2017, intend to sue the two parties. These companies are generally known as patent trolls, because they do not use the patents they own for any real business, and instead sue other companies only for massive compensation.

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Accordingly, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit in the federal court of the city of Waco, Texas, and local judges and jurors are known for their positive attitude toward patent trolls. According to Jawbone Innovations, the defendants infringed eight patents, most of them relating to noise filtering algorithms, at the time the real Jawbone was developing DARPA technologies.

The plaintiff seeks compensation for any assets sold that he claims infringe his patents, and of course asks for a license fee for those sold in the future. Apple claims to have affected all versions and variants of the iPhone, iPad, AirPods Pro, and HomePod, while Google has named its patents for all of its smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, gadgets, and Android devices. .

To increase pressure, Jawbone Innovations is asking a judge to suspend marketing of the potentially infringing devices in the US until a final and final ruling is issued, although odds are he himself doesn’t seriously believe this will happen.

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