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The day Danny Olmo didn’t want to take pictures with Messi

The day Danny Olmo didn't want to take pictures with Messi

This time, it was Danny Olmo’s turn to deliver the personal writings of the athletes Tribune players-You are. Footballer CoR Leipzig narrated the most frequently asked questions and revived his most interesting story, of which Lionel Messi was the other hero.

Olmo did not want to be photographed with Messi, but now he appreciates the photo (Photo: AFP)


The Spanish footballer was born 11 times in Terrassa, the third largest city in Catalonia, about 25 km from Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium. In light of this, it is not surprising that the young boy, who was transferred for the first time in Espanyol, transferred to La Masia, the famous Barcelona academy, at the age of nine. At the age of sixteen, however, and to his surprise, he left for Croatia, Dynamo Zagreb.

“I know what you think. I know what you want to know. They are bombarded constantly with this issue.” How did you get from Barcelona to Zagreb and then to Leipzig? ” The attacking midfielder starts his speech, after which he says a few words about the reason for his departure from Barcelona. He reveals that he doesn’t want to leave Espanyol because his friends were there, but he already knows his father made a good decision. However, he had a hard time coping with the pressure.

“It’s a special place. With high expectations. This is Barcelona! There was pressure. Real pressure. There was someone always watching. I knew every day it might be my last day there.”
Olmo writes, then quotes an example from ten years spent moments after the Andorran Championship final against Atlético de Madrid.

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“Our coach sat with everyone and asked us one by one why we think we deserve an academic opportunity. I am ten years old. I got very tense. I had no idea what to say. I just wanted to play! “

“I ended up being something like we had a good season and I think I got a lot better. He waited a second, and then said,“ Agree, it’s okay Danny. ”Ultimately we could all stay.

Olmo is now a soccer player for RB Leipzig (Photo: AFP)

So why did you leave this wonderful place after seven years? I needed a project. And I had to play. You need a ball. At first, Barcelona couldn’t believe I wanted to go. Nobody leaves Barcelona for Croatia. no one. This is simply not a habit. But I did. Once my dad announced the show, I said I would go. That’s it.”

“This team, Dynamo, wants to treat you like their own project. They want to put everything on one page for you. “I didn’t want to hear anything else. I didn’t care if the team wasn’t in one of the Big Five, and I didn’t know anything about Croatia, But I knew in Barcelona that I was in danger of being lost in the system, and I became a regular player who did not have a straight path with the senior team. ”

Olmo also said that even before joining Barcelona, ​​he had the opportunity to take pictures with Lionel Messi, but he didn’t like him in the least, he preferred to play football.

I accompanied my father to a match in Castelldefels
(A city next to Barcelona, ​​Messi still lives here today – editor). I was eight years old. I was happily playing ball when someone – maybe my dad’s friend – came to me and said, »Danny, come here! You will not believe, you can be in a joint photo with Lionel Messi! « As it turned out, a friend of Messi played in the match and came to see it. “

Do you mean Messi now? In Castelldefels? Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with him? Alright me! I said thanks, no, I prefer playing. It’s just an image, isn’t it? But then Against my will, they took me to Messi and the joint photo was taken. I didn’t say a word, I waited for the camera to click and then went back to playing, As if you had done him a favor. “

“After all, I am glad the photo was taken because it is now framed at home. However, at the time, I was not happy that valuable playtime was disrupted – even if it all happened because of an icon. But maybe that also shows how much I love it. For the ball, even Messi didn’t get distracted. I’m sorry Leo. “

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