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The data on Bolsonaro's vaccinations is completely wrong

The data on Bolsonaro's vaccinations is completely wrong

According to the Brazilian Auditor General's Office, data on Jair Bolsonaro's coronavirus vaccinations are completely false, reports say. Reuters. On Thursday, the authorities announced that they had closed the investigation into the case and concluded that the official information about the vaccination of the former Brazilian president may not reflect reality.

According to the data, Bolsonaro, who is strongly against vaccination, was vaccinated one day in July 2021 in São Paulo, in a public health facility. On the other hand, Bolsonaro left the city the day before, and at the appointed time was already in the country's capital, Brasilia, and stayed there for another three days.

Even the nurse in the documents denies that she actually vaccinated the former Brazilian president. According to the Auditor General's Office report, the vaccine storage warehouse specified in the data was also not available at the specified time.

By the way, several information about the former president’s vaccinations was changed before the commission’s investigation began. Originally, there were also two vaccination sessions, but the Auditor General's Office has now confirmed that this was not true either.

Bolsonaro ended a dangerous year at the end of 2023, his home was searched in May, and in June a court banned him from running for public office in the next eight years. Last spring, authorities showed up at the former president's home specifically in connection with the just-concluded investigation, even confiscating his cellphone. Bolsonaro said he was not personally responsible for any falsification of public documents, and otherwise had not been vaccinated.

“Nothing was faked on my part. I did not vaccinate myself. Period.”

The Brazilian president, who failed in the previous elections, said last May.

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The powerful right-wing Bolsonaro has expressed his anti-vaccination and virus-skeptic opinion several times, even during the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, even as president, he was fined several times because he refused to wear a mask.

The former Brazilian president lost to the leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the previous elections, in October 2022. Since then, he has not officially acknowledged his defeat.

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