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The Czech government would like to see the US Army

The Czech government would like to see the US Army

Defense Minister Jana Sernuchova said in an interview on the Deník N online news portal that the Czech government would like to see the US military in the Czech Republic in some way.

“I want to raise this issue in the upcoming bilateral meeting as well,” Jana Sernuchova said, explaining that she will be making an official visit to the United States after Easter to discuss with her American partner, Lloyd Austin.

According to the head of the Czech Ministry of Defense, one of the possible solutions is what Slovakia implemented: under a bilateral treaty, it allowed the United States to use two military bases for its army.

“I don’t want to go into details, but I think it will be very important for us to prepare some kind of contract. It will certainly take some time for both parties to adopt it, because it will require the approval of both houses of the Czech parliament.”

Prime Minister Peter Fiala told Nova commercial television that this was a serious matter that could not be decided by the government alone, but by Parliament.

“We are looking for all means to strengthen our security and the security of the eastern flank of NATO in order to resist the aggressive policy pursued by Russia today, Vladimir Putin,” the Czech prime minister said.

Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Yureka, Minister of Labor and Public Welfare, told CNN Prima News on Sunday that the military airfields in Prirov, Moravia and Ostrava Mosnov would be most suitable for US bases. According to Jurecka, the discussion about the details is still in its infancy.

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Jana Cernochová confirmed that the Czech Republic also wants to buy new military equipment from the United States. According to an earlier agreement, the Czech army will buy 12 American helicopters from America. The minister wants the Czech Republic to be able to buy more helicopters than this. As he pointed out, we have to line up for American weapons because currently demand is greater than supply.

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