The crazy Russian scientist wanted to create a hybrid between a human and an ape

The crazy Russian scientist wanted to create a hybrid between a human and an ape

Ivanovich Ivanov (1870-1932) who achieved great results in the field of artificial insemination, IFLScience. Thanks to his method, he was able to fertilize 500 mares with the sperm of a single stallion, which was exciting at the time. However, Ivanov did not achieve enough to be the best in his profession and came up with increasingly bold plans. His goal became to cross different species.

In the beginning, he created hybrids that were easy to implement: via donkey and zebra, mice and mice, mice and guinea pig, and crossed antelope and cattle. At a zoology meeting in 1910, he had already talked about how apes were created this way.

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In fact, he was not the first or even the last to come up with a similar idea. However, after the 1917 revolution, an unprecedented opportunity arose for Ivanov, who at that time worked at the Pasteur Institute. In 1924, the researcher was granted permission to start experimenting with his dreams and was granted access to chimpanzees in one of the facilities now in French Guinea. His program also received the support of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Based on his argument, he could verify it with a successful test Charles Darwin The idea that we are closely related to apes, and that would have dealt a heavy blow to religion.

1926 – Banning Ivanov With Sergey Voronov They actually worked together at the facility. Scientists implanted a human ovary in chimpanzees and then tried to impregnate – to no avail. The researcher who developed an alternative solution was not deterred by the failures.

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His plan was to implant chimpanzee sperm into African women without their knowledge and consent.

Evanon wanted people to be fertilized during a routine examination and then given life months later. Fortunately, the French governor halted the program at the appointed time.

However, Ivanov did not give up yet and began to recruit women in the USSR. To his great surprise, he managed to convince several other women, at least five, to appear as subjects. However, the chimpanzees didn’t survive long enough, so the project didn’t get the sperm.

Before he could get more samples, the Soviet Academy of Sciences learned of planned experiments with African women and stopped the entire program. Ivanov later fell victim to a purging that ravaged the scientific community, and he spent the last stage of his life in professional exile.

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