The Court of Appeal rejects Louis Gomert’s case asking Mike Pence to intervene in the electoral college vote count

Saturday’s decision by the Fifth U.S. Court of Appeals came just hours after the Republican congressman filed an appeal over a previous loss.

On Friday, prof District Court expelled Gommert and several Republicans in Arizona seek to force Pence to help put the election to President Donald Trump next week when Congress meets to count the electoral college votes. Saturday’s ruling confirmed the previous decision.

“We need to say nothing more, and we confirm the ruling mainly for the reasons cited by the district court. We do not express any view on the merits or what the presumed party may have, if any, may have a position. The proposal to expedite is rejected as a moot. The mandate will be issued. Immediately “.

CNN reached out to Gohmert to comment on Saturday’s ruling.

Gomart’s lawsuit was part of the Republican Party’s desperate and unusual attempt to overturn the presidential election, using baseless and unproven allegations of mass voter fraud and accusing several of the winning states President-elect Joe Biden had unlawfully changed voting rules due to the pandemic.

Gommert and a list of potential Trump voters from Arizona said that only Pence can determine the important electoral votes – a notable argument that vice presidents can directly determine the winner of the presidential election, regardless of the results.

Pence was on Thursday A federal judge was asked to dismiss the lawsuit, Arguing that the legal issues raised by Gohmert, along with the Arizona Republican list, should be directed to the House and Senate, rather than the Vice President. Pence’s file did not say whether he would consider possibly interfering with the Electoral College count, but there is no indication that he will.

“The lawsuit to prove that the vice president has discretion over the charge against the vice president is an easy legal contradiction,” Pence said.

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“Ironically, Representative Gomert’s position, if adopted by the court, would effectively deny him his opportunity as a member of the House of Representatives under the Electoral Counting Act to present objections to the electoral vote count, then debate and vote on it,” Pence’s file was added.

CNN contacted Pence for comment.

at least 140 Republican House of Representatives He is expected to vote against the electoral vote count on January 6, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported Thursday. Gohart said he would be one of them.
Nearly ten Republican senators and elected members Advertise And on Saturday, they will vote against the electoral vote count. The eleven Republican lawmakers said they intend to support an objection to the Electoral College vote, if submitted, and a proposal for an election commission to conduct a “10-day emergency audit” of election results in “disputed states.” Pence appeared to support the move on Saturday.

“An honest and reliable audit – conducted quickly and ends before January 20 – would significantly improve Americans’ confidence in our election process and greatly enhance the legitimacy of anyone who will become our next president. We owe that to the people,” said a group of 11 lawmakers from Republican Party in a statement.

They added that the Congressional vote on January 6 was “the only remaining constitutional authority to consider and enforce a solution to the multiple allegations of serious voter fraud.”

There were no credible allegations of any problems with voting that would affect the elections, as confirmed by dozens of state and federal courts, governors, state election officials, and the Ministries of Homeland Security and Justice.

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Jake Taber, Lauren Fox, and CNN’s Veronica Stracwallorsi contributed to this report.

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