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The couple was walking a dog in the forest when something slid in front of them: the horror scene was recorded – Terasz

The couple was walking a dog in the forest when something slid in front of them: the horror scene was recorded – Terasz

Rumor has it that certain areas of rural England are haunted. Although there is no evidence for these legends, the Rowett couple, who live in Nottinghamshire, managed to capture something very scary.

Some believe that the footage is of a ghost or a demonic dog.

Figure in the forest

Hannah Rowett and her husband were walking their dogs through the trees of Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire when they had a truly frightening experience. Unilad reported.

Hannah and Dave got out of their car in the park area in the early hours of the morning and had only been walking for a few minutes when Hannah felt a strange feeling. He felt a strange presence nearby.

While most people in a situation like this would probably decide to get back in the car and find somewhere else to walk, Hannah was driven by curiosity and wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

He took out his phone and started filming the trip. And in the next moment something absolutely amazing happened.

A strange creature slithered in front of the couple. “It was a bit devilish because of the way it crawled on the ground with its long limbs. I was sure it wasn’t smoke because then it would have changed shape.”

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At first, the woman thought she saw a dog, but upon closer inspection, the creature had a more human appearance.

The apparition appeared on the recording for approximately 7 seconds, then was absorbed.

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The woman did not feel afraid when she took the picture. Dave, the husband, is very skeptical about the paranormal, but the terrifying experience gave him chills. He has since rewatched the recording several times.

“I wasn’t afraid either. I was happier because I saw something I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

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