Az ország, ahol nem mindenkinek engedélyezték a harmadik oltás felvételét

The country where not everyone is allowed to take the third vaccine

According to a statement issued by the ministry, the booster dose is recommended for people living with HIV, for cancer patients, for those who underwent an organ transplant, and for those who suffer from any immunodeficiency, regardless of the vaccine they received before. There are currently four types of vaccines available in Ukraine: CoronaVac, developed by Sinovac and Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty, and AstraZeneca and Moderna, manufactured in South Korea.

UNIAN noted that Ljasko previously said they will start giving the third doses when Ukraine’s vaccination rate reaches around 70 percent.

National Medical Director Ihor Kozen, Deputy Health Minister, added that those who are advised to take a booster dose should receive it within 28-90 days after the second so that their immune system can better protect against the coronavirus disease. He also stated that after the first dose, about 110,000 Ukrainians did not give themselves a second dose.

Meanwhile, Yuri Hanichenko, head of the Kiev School of Economics (KSE), reported in an online briefing that hospital workloads were steadily declining for four weeks, with beds equipped with oxygen dropping to 35 percent. “Currently, two out of three hospital beds are free,” he added. He said 28 percent of patients are sent home after recovering from hospitals from the number of new patients entering institutions. He says the number of new infections in Ukraine fell by 17 percent in the past week, and the decline has been steady for the fifth week in a row.

And in Ukraine, the number of infected people so far on Tuesday increased by 7,283 to 3,570448 and the number of deaths by 387 to 9,602. Meanwhile, the number of active patients decreased by more than twenty thousand to 245,837 patients. In the past day, 1,123 patients with coronavirus and suspected infection were hospitalized.

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According to the latest data, two doses of the vaccine have so far been administered to 1,254,437 people in a country of about 42 million people, and 1,629,964 others have received only the first dose. 129,742 people were vaccinated on Monday.

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