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The country that did not even qualify for the World Cup spends more in Qatar

The country that did not even qualify for the World Cup spends more in Qatar

As we wrote, Sunday begins with a match against host country Ecuador the most expensive sporting event in history, World Cup in Qatar.

World Cup in Russia four years ago cost more than 14 billion dollars, However, its current cost has already exceeded 200 billion (!), And it has not even started.

Photo: Federico Gambarini/AFP

Organizers expect 1.2 million fans for the tournament, and hope the event will stimulate the local economy by at least $17 billion. According to FIFA forecasts, this time – compared to 3.75 billion after the 2018 France-Croatia final. 5 billion people will watch the finale on December 18th.

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According to data published by London-based company Global Data Among the sponsors, Chinese companies spend the most in Qatar, Which is interesting because the Chinese national team has not qualified for the World Cup, and so far they have only participated in the World Cup once, in 2002.

Despite its population, the East Asian country is not a footballing superpower, but it is changing that: between 2016 and 2020, $350 million in central support. built 26,000 soccer fields, And by 2025, he wants to have such a facility in every school.

Chinese companies supported the current World Cup with a total of $1.395 billion, surpassing their Qatari and American counterparts.

The Beijing-based Wanda Group has invested $850 million in the project so far, and this amount will only increase in the future after committing to all FIFA events until 2030 through the acquisition of broadcast rights.

The former richest man in the country, Wang Xinlin Owned by the Wanda Group, it is mainly interested in commercial real estate enterprises, tourism, hotels and entertainment industries. yours only Forbes magazine estimates it at $7.4 billion. Thus, it fell to 39th place in China.

Photo: Juan Mabromata/AFP

In addition to Wanda, the $ 450 million sponsorship contract for smartphone manufacturer Vivo stands out, while other Chinese companies have signed Mengniu 60, which deals in the production and distribution of milk and ice cream products, and Hisense, which specializes in the sale of electronic devices. $35 million deal with FIFA.

American companies have so far contributed $1.1 billion to host the World Cup.

The reticence of the real big US corporations, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, McDonald’s and Visa regarding the upcoming event is understandable, since since Qatar was awarded the right to host in 2010, it has been constantly attacked in the international press for its anti-LGBT measures and treatment of guest workers. Meanwhile, the Chinese sponsors kept silent all the time, and never raised their voice because of the thousands of foreign workers who died during the direct preparation of the World Cup.

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For this reason, the German company Adidas, which supplies the official ball for the match, is similarly cautious and, according to an agreement worth $800 million, will supply FIFA with its products until 2030.

According to experts, European and American companies are reluctant to add their names to the World Cup in Qatar, but their commercial interests go beyond this, as they do not allow their competitors to take their place in the most expensive and most watched sporting event in the world.

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